BOPP Cigarettes

Key Specifications/Special Features

  • This material is softer and more flexible than polyester.
  • We have the BOPP film for you, no matter what your application. There are over 1, 000 Variants of BOPP films. Our films include many types of coatings, such as silicone, adhesive, premask, corona, print treatments, clear or matte etc.
  • BOPP film has a wide range of applications including but not limited to products for the metallizing, packaging, stationery, tape and label, as well as decorative markets.
  • Here is a small list of some of the different types of BOPP Film Supply we carry:
  • Laminated BOPP film, industrial BOPP film, metallized BOPP film, coextruded BOPP film, Tape BOPP film, label BOPP film, packaging BOPP film, stationery BOPP film, heat sealable BOPP film, pearlized BOPP film, printing BOPP film and decorative BOPP film.
  • By sorting, there are also glossy and matte BOPP film.
  • Biaxially Oriented tell you that the polypropylene film has been stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and across machine direction (AMD).
  • Superior strength at low gauges (allows for high speed processing), flatness, clarity and printability, are just a few of the reasons BOPP film has become the most rapidly impleminted
  • Film product across the world.