BOPP Flexible laminates

We offer customers a wide range of multilayer laminates that are made available in both standard as well as customized finish specifications. These film laminate structures are used for meeting the demands of flexible packaging applications and are combinations of different or similar film types that are used together for optimizing mechanical and functional properties of each single film that is used in creating this multilayer laminate. After the gluing together of the films, the adhesives act together towards further enhancing the performance of individual films.

Laminated bags, pouches& sachetsare used in a wide range of flexible packaging applications, such as food products, medical products, personal care products, cosmetics, etc. These are usually supplied in printed form and pre -made bags &pouches. However, the laminated flexible packaging material can be also printed and supplied in reels to converters who make the bags & pouches.


Product Range–Conventional 3-side sealedpouches, Gusset Pouches, Stand-up Pouches, Stand-up Pouches with Spout & Screw Cap, Zipper Pouches, Sachets, Vacuum Pouches, Retort Pouches (for high temperature), General Laminated Film etc.


Different substratesand laminating materialsare used as per requirement and specification from customers. These include LLDPE, PET, BOPET, Metalized PET, BOPP, CPP, Metalized CPP, Nylon, Aluminium, Paper, EVOH etc. The packaging has outstanding advantages with regard to high levels of aroma preservation to protect

foodstuffflavours, as well as excellent rigidity and transparency, and fine moisture resistance to ensure the high quality of the contained goods.

Stand-up pouches, Gusset pouchesand zipper poucheshave become the dominant packaging style in flexible packaging as they are more rigid than others. They are gaining popularity in India and are quickly becoming part of mainstream packaging.These pouches are becoming the primary packaging solution for the future as they have benefits such as easy carrying, material savings, the possibility of repeated use, preserving foods perfectly, and a large surface for printing (branding).

Common applications include packaging of foodstuff, confectionary tems, cookies, coffee, milk powder, snacks, etc.