CPP Tissue wipes

Cpp film, special use for tissue packaging packaging& delivery. Packaging detail:. Cartons. Delivery detail:. Less than 15 days after confirm sample. Specifications. Suit for high speed wet tissue packing lines. Cpp film, make your tissue pack looks clean and low the cost. Wet tissue packing film. Made of ... Cpp film. Thickness range: 15 to 60mic. Width range: 100 to 3000mm. Printing: gravure max 10 colors printing. Style: film in roll. Package: cartons or wooden pallets. Feature: 1) eco-friendly and recylable. 2) clear and safty, we use food grade cpp film for this usage. 3) cheap, it can save you money. 4) suit for high speed wet tissue packing lines. 5) high quality printing.


Description: http://en.gddefu.cn/imageRepository/1b4a1e40-5589-400c-9e11-2962cbddc733.jpg