Heat sealable laminates

In addition to our high barrier lamination's there are a number of additional heat seal packaging options for surface or laminated products. These can be laminated or surface printed dependent on the application. Our laminated process keeps the inks trapped between the films to keep the inks from any incidental contact with the product. On the surface print applications we use heat, moisture, and scratch resistant inks to handle extreme conditions that could challenge the integrity of the product. In either case our presses are built to handle highly detailed photo quality work that will ensure a top of the line finished product.

Heat Seal Packaging Specifications

Bakery, Gel Packs, Snack Items, Pet Foods, Health and Beauty Aid Products, Dry Powdered Products, Cereals, Ice Cream Novelties, Mailers

Heat Seal Packaged Products
Bags, Pouches, Sachets / Packets, Rolls, 2-Piece Packaging

Materials Used
Polypropylene, Metalized Polypropylene, Cast Polypropylene, Polyester, Metalized Polyester, Polyethylene, Metalized Polyethylene Nylon (Cast and Biax), Vinyl, Holographic, Foils, Cellophane, Paper

Foil, Metalized

Coating / Finish
Clear, Metallic, White, Matte, High Gloss


Lamination Options
Proprietary In-line with FDA Approved Solventless Adhesives, UV, 3-Ply, Lap / Fin / Multiple Web Sealing Characteristics

Production Volume
Sales Samples, Scale Up Runs, Roll out production runs from the thousands to the millions

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Industries Served
Health and Beauty Aid, Food, Beverage, Household Products, Paint, Personal Care, Other Private Label Applications

Lean Manufacturing, Food Safety Program, Sustainability Program, Color Management Program, FIRST Guidelines, Process Controls