M type (flat film yarn (unsupported)

M-type metallic yarnis widely used for production of ribbons, laces, woven fabrics, labels, artifacts, kitchen scrubbers, socks, curtains and etc. It is made from aluminum metallized polyester film coated with protective epoxy resin and then slit into various widths, it is frequently referred to as ‘unsupported metallic yarn’. The aluminum metallized surface gives it a metallic-reflective shiny appearance, and it is available in various colors such as silver, gold, red, green, blue, multi-color, pearl (or iris or rainbow), laser , transparent and a lot more. Color books are available for your reference and you are welcomed to contact us and ask for a copy. Unsupported metallic yarn is available in thickness of 12 micron 23micron and 50micron, pearl color is available in 30 micron.. And we can slit them into thickness of 1/69"(0.368mm)1/100"(0.254mm)1/110"(0.231mm)1/127"(0.2mm)1/152"(0.167mm)1mm2mm. The most widely used unsupported metallic yarn is 23micron, 1/100”, 10400m in length winded on 100g ABS bobbins, however, we can also produce in 45g, 150g, 200g, 250g bobbins in different width