Metalized paper for candy wrap

Our  definition is any wrapper covering chocolate bar, tablet, slab, napolitain, egg or chocolate candy bar (where chocolate creates important part of product - at least 30% - for example Kit Kat or Mars bar) which contains any information about product and producer made of any material. It can be from chocolate of ANY WEIGHT. The exception can be some napolitain wrappers where isn´t often clear who and where it was made. I don´t collect inner metal or plastic wrappers protecting chocolate.

I don´t mind if the wrapper is from "real" chocolate ( with cocoa butter and without added vegetable fat ) or from the "chocolate like" product without cocoa butter.

What is not a chocolate wrapper for me:
Thick chocolate ( or fat couverture) coated candy like waffers, müsli bars where the couverture created only small part of the candy. I don´t collect also  wrappers from M & M´s, Smarties  ( except Smarties in chocolate bars ), Lentilky and similar candy and chocolate boxes ( assortments).

From early times of manufacturing chocolate bars paper became most popular material for chocolate wrappers. under outer paper wrapper is always inner wrapper (foil) usually made of aluminium or plastic ( this I don´t collect) .There are 3 main types of paper chocolate wrapper. 

First type is strip of paper wrapped over the chocolate bar so it is usually easy to take off the wrapper from chocolate.This wrapping method was more frequent in the past. It is used mostly in Usa, England, the Netherlands, Estonia or in many asian countries now. 

Second type covers complete chocolate bar like a envelope. This envelope style of paper wrapper is widely spread  in most countries.  It is sometimes necessary to open these wrappers carefully and  try not to tear them. 

Large chocolate manufacturers started to pack their chocolate bars and slabs into plastic foils instead of classic paper wrappers in last ten years ( Cadbury since about 2002, Kraft Foods (chocolates Milka, Alpen Gold, Karuna, Figaro, Marabou since 2004-2007) and also czech chocolate factory Nestlé (local chocolate brand Orion) since autumn 2008.

Specific type of wrappers use some scandinavian companies - they combine paper with inner metalized foil in one wrapper. This method is often used for packing chocolate pieces in rolls.  Some companies like italianDelicia also use combination of plastic wrapper with inner metalized foil.