Metalized polyester film OD > 2.5 (Super High Barrier)

The main advantage of this new product is its water vapor barrier. Some of the X-BARRIERs™ achieve outstanding water vapor barrier properties (See Figure 1). With a water vapor transmission rate of 10-4 g/m2/day, this allows for flexible, roll-to-roll production of plastic electronics. This property has little deterioration even under long-term high temperature / humidity conditions. In addition to the water vapor barrier, other gas barrier properties, for hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, for instance, are also at a high level. X-BARRIER™ is a transparent material and is metal-free so contents are visible. Functions such as Gelbo-Flex durability, heat resistance, stability of gas barrier property under high temperature and high humidity, climate durability, chemical durability, anti-static electricity, electric insulation, heat resistance, flame resistance, high transparency, low contamination, etc., can be tailored to customer needs.

Potential markets of X-BARRIER™ for high performance packages are expected in the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial fields, especially for products such as catheters, surgical sutures, contact lenses, tablets, capsules, liquid products for parenteral nutrition, dialysis and hematal treatment, which require not only oxygen barrier but also high water vapor barrier. Industrial products requiring high water vapor barrier, i.e. packing material for humidity sensitive products like resin, amino-acid, chemicals, finished or semi-finished components of semiconductors, electric circuit FPD (flat panel display) and building material, could also benefit from this new product. Additionally, X-BARRIER™ will be highly effective for electronics applications, especially as an encapsulation material for electronic devices such as FPD, electric paper, organic EL and photovoltaic modules.