Metalized polyester high slip coated on both side

Sysco Industries Pvt. Ltd. supplies High Slip Coated Metalized Polyester Film. Sysco Industries Pvt. Ltd.  is an ISO 9001:2008 awarded company. Sysco Industries Pvt. Ltd. offers Metalized barrier films, Metalized and paper board, metallic yarn etc in wide ranges. High Slip Coated Metalized Polyester Film is suited for glitter powder. High Slip Coated Metalized Polyester Film is coated with heat and chemical resistant lacquer on both sides. High Slip Coated Metalized Polyester Film is available in 24 micron thickness ranges.

HS-4 coating is a three-component system (HS-4: silicone base, XC9603: adhesion promoter, YC6831: catalyst and solvent), which thermally cures to form a resilient silicone film. The cured coating provides substrate surfaces such as EPDM rubber with lubricating, water repellent and easy release characteristics. HS-4 coating also imparts a dry feeling surface and colorless matt appearance to the coated surface. In addition, HS-4 coating provides an ideal solution to

reduce noise due to body part vibrations.



♦ Excellent release characteristics

♦ Perfectly matches many rubber color

♦ Low dynamic COF (Coefficient of friction)

♦ Excellent abrasion resistance

♦ Fast heat cure process

♦ Excellent adhesion to EPDM, NBR, Silicone rubber

♦ Long term performance



♦ For smooth opening and closing characteristics of door seals

♦ For Removal of the sticking of rubber parts to other surfaces

♦ Water repellent for rubber parts

♦ For Improvement of slip properties (reduced friction) for rubber parts

♦ Anti-stain coating for rubber surfaces

♦ For elimination of vibration noises

♦ Ice release for preventing freezer door seals from sticking