Mono component transfer metalized board

Our Metallized and Holographic papers are manufactured by transfer process in which we use very sophisticated techniques and formulations to make it more effective for our customers and make the metallized surface compatible for printers. Our unique formulation of transfer films for transfer papers contains components which meet the required criteria of sustainability and unique effects.

We offer a wide range of colours in our Transfer paper like Silver, Gold, Green, Red, Pink etc and other colours that can be made available on customer's demands. Other than this, we have all popular Holographic pattern in our Holographic Paper range which is acceptable worldwide. Not only the regular Holographic designs, Rasik Products Private limited also has the facility to provide customized solutions to their customers in the form of Customized Holographic Paper.

Our Metallized and Holographic paper has no limitation of inks for printers and converters and they can use any type of inks on it. Our metalized and holographic paper is available in Jumbo rolls and sheet form which don't have problems like curling and loss of moisture.

The reflectivity is exceptional and smoothness is equal to coated board. This makes metallized papers perfect for high-end applications. We can also produce customized papers to suit clients' particular needs.

Our Transfer Holographic paper have excellent print-ability properties and gloss which gives mirror finish effects and make the product more attractive by decorative laminates. Our Tansfer metalized paper and Holographic paper is mainly used by labels industry including Liquor labels,  Beer labels, Cosmetic labels, high end stickers and other purposes.

Due to their high gloss appearance, Transfer Metallized papers are commonly used for gift Wrapping, Whisky Cartons, Chocolate Boxes, Twist Wrappers, Chewing Gum Wrappers, Cosmetics & Luxury products.

Vacmet Transfer Metallized paper / Board is available in Bright Sliver, Bright Gold, Dull Silver & Dull Gold. Special colors can be produced on demand. It is available in reel as well as in sheet form, from 30-400 gsm.

A method for producing a metalized paper or board product having a bright surface and improved scratch resistance, comprises a transfer metalization technique utilizing a tie coat applied to the metal layer and a pressure-sensitive, adhesive coat applied to the tie coat, the adhesive coat binding the metalized composite to the paper or board base. The adhesive coat is applied to the paper or board base in the dry state and in combination with the adjacent tie coat, forms a hard, stable bond with the base that favorably withstands subsequent deformation of the paper or board product. A top coat utilizing a particular solvent mixture, offers consistent wettability of adhesive release coats, and provides a smooth, continuous outer surface for the final product.


The surface of metalized paper is holographic film or transfer hologram, the base paper is duplex paper, art paper, ivory board or others.

Basic Information

We can provide metalized paper in different weight(from 35gsm to350gsm), size, designs and colors according to the customers' special requirement; silver, golden, red, green, blue, etc are available.


Roll or sheets on pallet, then round wrapping with elastic film; or as per customer's demand.

Metallized paper and board stock can enhance your product packaging, advertising and displays with distinctive and eye-catching graphics.

We specialize in printing on substrates like meatllizedpolyster film  laminated on duplex board, rainbow, silver, golden  films laminated on paper, or opaque sheets with specialized UV offset printing machines with high quality. Products manufactured by this process cannot be duplicated and gives buyer a very high quality feeling.

Metallized surface board/paper is commonly used for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, God pictures, calendars, DVD inserts, magazine covers, magazine inserts, etc.

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