MX type (supported yarn)

MX TYPE (supported yarn) is two ends of nylon or polyester yarn (such as 20D, 30D, 70D, 150D, 210D etc..) twisted with M type metallic yarn. (such as 1/69", 1/85",1/100" etc)

two ends : twisted direction of S and direction of Z

Spesification of MX TYPE is different according to costumers

Application for embroideries, lace, stocking, knitwear, sweaters, accessories and industrial purposes

  • MX-Type Metallic Yarn / Lurex Yarn is made of M-type metallic film(12 micron, 1/69" or 1/100" or 1/140") supported by 30D*2 or 20D*2 polyester or nylon at fully closed regular intervals, 1 end covered clockwise, 1 end covered counterclockwise, the yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful, lustrous color.
  • Colour: Hundreds of colours, such as silver, gold, brown, blue, green, pink, purple, red, orange, black, rainbow/pearl, multi-color, fluorescent, transparent, mat color etc. Any Polyester single metallised monofilament supported with two ends of 15d/20d or 40d polyamide nylon/Polyester monofilament. and wound on 500g per conical tube ( cone ). The quality is super soft. The yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful, lustrous color.

MX Type is supported with nylon or polyester around M Type in the form of S and Z to give added strength at high speed process.
This type is suitable for yarn-dyed textiles and implements solid feel and lustrous color.

Use : sweater, knit, embroidery, tricot, fabric for dyeing lines, accessories, stocking and other industrial uses etc.

Any Polyester single Metallized monofilament supported with two ends of 20d or 40d polyamide nylon monofilament. This item is applicable to yarn-dyed weaving and knitting. Also recommended for Nylon stocking, fine gauge, panty hose and bating suit fabrics. The put up is on cones of 250 (Baby cones), 500 gms. net as per your request. The quality is super soft.


Technical specification:

For colours in MX type, Please send us a small cutting. Available with raw or colored Nylon/Polyamide,etc.


MX TYPE(SUPPORTED): The M type metallic yarn supported by two ends of nylon or polyester. Mx type looks elegant and luxury. Specification different according to customers' requirement. And size usually is 1/69", 1/100" or 1/110". And it's supply many colors, for example silver, gold, red, pink, blue, green, black, purple etc.
Use for: Ribbons, Braids, weaving fabric, knitting, tricot, woven label hair ornanet, craft and christmas decoration etc.

(approaximate) CONE
1/69", 12u, 63% metallic yarn Silver 86500m+3%(104d)
37% 20d*2 nylon yarn Gold 82600m+3%(109d)
1/110", 12u, 56% metallic yarn Silver 110000m+3%(85d) 500g
44% 20d*2 nylon yarn Gold 109500m+3%(89d)
1/69", 12u, 57% metallic yarn Silver 72600m+3%(124d)
43% 30d*2 polyester yarn Gold 70300m+3%(128d)
1/110", 12u, 40% metallic yarn Silver 90000m+3%(100d)
60% 30d*2 polyester yarn Gold 86500m+3%(104d)

With vast industrial expertise the company is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the best quality MX Type Metallic Yarn. MX Type Metallic Yarn is a supported yarn which is used for weaving, flat & circular knitting and many other purposes. We have a team of highly-dedicated quality checkers who keep a strict vigilance on entire production and distribution process of MX Type Metallic Yarn.

With the assistance of our team of experts, we have been able to offer excellent Supported Yarn in the market. These yarns are widely used for the purpose of weaving, flat & circular knitting, thus, are highly demanded in the market. Superior quality raw material such as fibres and others are procured from the reliable vendors of the market to manufacture these yarns.

Quality attributes:

  • Smooth texture
  • Fine finish
  • Excellent elasticity



Test conditions



40°C, 20min., Household laundry


Chemical Cleaning

25°C, 30min., Perchlorethylene


25°C, 30min., Tetracholoroethylene


25°C, 30min., Petroleum Benzine



135°C, 15sec.


Hot water

80°C, 30min.



100°C, 30min., for silver.


70°C, 40min., for gold & all colours.


Dry heating

180°C, 60sec.


Scouring for nylon, polyester, rayon, acetate & cotton

Soap 0.5gr/liter, Soda Ash 0.5gr/loter, 80°C, 30min.


Souring for wool

Monogen 5gr/liter, 60°C, 30min.


Overdyeing wool, nylon & acetate

Acetic Acid 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 30min.



sodium Hydrosulfite 2gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.


Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.


ph9 30% Hydrogen Peroxide 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.


ph9 10% Sodium Hydrochlorite 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.No



ph9 Sodium Carbonate 95°C, 60min.


Mongen 5gr/liter, Oxalic Acid 10gr/liter Acetic Acid 10gr/liter, 45°C, 20min.


Caustic Soda

28Be 21°C, 60sec.