Roll form for FFS machines

Sysco  can create your printed or unprinted plastic films for vertical or horizontal ‘Form Fill and Seal’ (FFS) Automated Packaging equipment.

The FFS machine constructs plastic bags / pouches out of a flat roll of plastic film, while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags. Both solids and liquids can be bagged using this type of packaging system. As Film moves through the packaging equipment the bag / pouch is formed, filled with product and then sealed.

We take pride in all aspects of creating a film for these applications – precision printing, quality materials with excellent roll profile and characteristics.

The Roll Form Fill Unit can be installed under the bagging Lines of EMT or under an existing bagging line.

The FFS machine uses a polyethylene tubing film.

This plastic film is installed on a roll and the machine automatically brings the plastic film to the filling spout of the bagging line.

The RFF machine is automatically cutting and sealing the bag on the required size.

The system works full automatic and will have a capacity, depending of the machine type, from 500 till 1500 bags per hour. The requested capacity can only be achieved when the weighing system and the bag removing transport system also has enough capacity.

The machine is constructed from mild steel and all product contacting machine parts are constructed from stainless steel.

The RFF is completely closed with a safety frame with plastic glass.

There  is a need for 380/410 volt and 8  bar of pneumatic operating air.

FFS or form fill and seal films are ever more popular now that packing machinery has become more competitive. The lower capital investment outlay has meant that FFS (form, fill and seal) films are increasingly showing significant cost savings for a completed pack in comparison with pre-made sacks and other forms of packaging.

With the machine converting the film into the finished pack, taking out that initial production cost, means you can have more control over how your finished pack looks and performs. In recognition of this, investment has been made in the latest extrusion so that we can offer the best technical and competitive solutions for your packaging needs. With our expertise we have developed a range of FFS films that perform consistently in both main formats; tubular film (straight extrusion or back seam) and flat sheet film.

State-of-the art extrusion ensures that we can offer technically better films for improved performance on the packer, when stored and during transportation. Lower gauge (thinner) films that put us at the forefront of the market allow us to tailor the product to your needs, meaning greater packing speeds, lower inventory costs, a reduced finished pack cost and very satisfied customers.

Form Fill and Seal films are supplied in rolls, either as a tube, a gusseted tube or in flat sheet format. Specialties include quick de-aeration models, ‘hot fill’ packing at up to 100 ̊C, nanoperforated, barrier films against moisture and gas, high strength co-ex films, UN dangerous goods certified, low friction inner for easy flow inside the sack, high friction outer layer for best pallet performance and other technical solutions. High quality flexographic printing is available in up to 8 colours, using flat sheet films and dimensions are designed for best fit to existing filling equipment.


Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines are packaging machines that form fill and seal a package on the same machine.

The main types are vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines – a term often used in the market place to cover horizontal versions of flow-wrappers, sachet machines, blister pack machines, four side seal machines and thermoform fill and seal machines.; in both cases packaging material is fed off a roll, shaped, and sealed. The bags/packs are then filled, sealed and separated.

Today many FFS systems are highly sophisticated featuring computer interfaces and control networks. Greater speed and versatility are the major benefits of FFS systems for user companies. For example snack producers demand systems that have the versatility to provide fast changeover between many different packaging formats to meet growing demand for single serve packs. Here VERTICAL FFS is capable of creating virtually any size or shape ranging from the standard pillow pack to bags sealed on all four sides.

The multiplicity of FFS machines employ a wide range of material types and are used across numerous markets including food, drinks, cosmetics, electronics, stationary, tobacco, chemical, medical, and pharmaceuticals.