ST type (round covered yarn – GIPM)

ST-Type metallic yarn, metallic embroidery yarn 1. Construction: One end of Polyester,Rayon which is closely wound by one end of M-type flat metallic yarn. 2. Shape: Paper cone, Plastic cone(white...

We offer ST type metallic yarn, which is manufactured using micro-slitting metallic & lacquered polyester film. Extensively used for weaving and embroidery work, our range is also available in polyester, nylon or Rayon yarn. Available in various colors, as per your requirement.Generally used for embroidery, weaving and knitting.

The ST type is a metallic yarn that is vacuum-deposited with aluminum or silver and then twisted tightly at regular intervals with viscose rayon, polyester, acrylic, or other yarn types. The appearance is unable to see the internal yarn. This metallic covered yarn is durable and it is generally used for embroideries, knit cotton fabrics, sweaters, decorations, accessories, and other functional materials.

Any metallic colored yarn 12 microns can be rounded on Rayon or any other thread denier as per requirement. These yarns are used extensively in many branches of the textile industry from wide width weaving the narrow ribbons, military regalia, embroidery, braids, knitting, cords, ropes, twisting, leavers, lace surface and inner gimp decoration. Wrapping a metallic yarn around a core yarn produces them. The metallic here fully covers a polyamide/nylon or polyester core yarn. These yarns or embroidery threads are specially made for use on modern milyi-head embroidery machines, where speed is an important factor. A special yarn lubricant is applied to these yarns. Supplied on cones of 125 gms. And 250 gms.

We are ranked among well-reckoned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of ST Type Metallic Yarns in Maharashtra, India. Available in 12 micron thickness, the ST Type Metallic Yarns we offer are sturdy and reliable. They can be used as embroidery heads in multi-head machines or the regular machines. We offer them in varied colors and packaging of 125 gm, 250 gm or as per request.

ST TYPE is made from 75D, 120D, 150D, 300D,polyester, nylon and

Vircose rayon, PE covered by M type metallic yarn and thre two shapes, one is full covered, another one is just half covered. ST TYPE is called embrodiery thread, too.

Aplication for embroideries, knitter, raschel lace, and accesories

  • ST-TYPE METALLIC YARN is made of 120D/150D/200D/450D/600D Polyester Yarn or Rayon Yarn and 140D Nylon that are completely wrapped by 12 micron 1/69" or 1/32" metallic yarn at the fully closed regular intervals.
  • Colour: Various white gold(golden on pure silver)
  • It can be used in various aspect especially as embroidery thread, such as knitwear, tricots, sweaters, stockings, embroidery, weaving, kitchen scrubber and industial subsidiary materials accessories etc.
  • Packaging: 125G/CONE, 250G/CONE, 500G/CONE, 1KG/CONE

We have gained expertise in offering best-quality ST Type Round Covered Yarn to the esteemed customers. These yarns (GIMP)-ST Type are widely used for embroidery and weaving purposes. Moreover, we can customise these yarns as per the exact details provided by the esteemed clients, which has helped us in attaining their optimum level of satisfaction.

Some of the quality attributes are as follows:


  • High strength
  • Excellent tenacity
  • Mesmerising colors