Transfer metalized paper for label

We offer a wide range of colours in our Transfer paper like Silver, Gold, Green, Red, Pink etc and other colours that can be made available on customer's demands. Other than this, we have all popular Holographic pattern in our Holographic Paper range which is acceptable worldwide. Not only the regular Holographic designs, Rasik Products Private limited also has the facility to provide customized solutions to their customers in the form of Customized Holographic Paper.

Our Metallized and Holographic paper has no limitation of inks for printers and converters and they can use any type of inks on it. Our metalized and holographic paper is available in Jumbo rolls and sheet form which don't have problems like curling and loss of moisture.

The reflectivity is exceptional and smoothness is equal to coated board. This makes metallized papers perfect for high-end applications. We can also produce customized papers to suit clients' particular needs.

Our Transfer Holographic paper have excellent print-ability properties and gloss which gives mirror finish effects and make the product more attractive by decorative laminates. Our Tansfer metalized paper and Holographic paper is mainly used by labels industry including Liquor labels,  Beer labels, Cosmetic labels, high end stickers and other purposes.

We offer Metallized Papers for various applications in printing & packaging segment. Our metallized paper has a high gloss finish. It is abrasion as well as scuff resistant. This paper has a metal layer, which makes it bright and glossy.

Metallized Papers ensure attractive labeling for returnable and non-returnable bottles, thus enhancing the brand appeal. Our metallized papers can be printed with opaque or glazed inks by any printing method. Metallized Papers can well be converted into sheets or rolls at high speed and they can be washed off as easily as non-metallized papers.

While retaining the gloss and luster as good as aluminium foil, Metallized Papers are eco-friendly and maintain the processing advantages of paper. The luxurious gloss, excellent embossing properties, and crisp white printing capabilities are perfect for premium brands. Vapor-deposited aluminum lamination adds little weight and offers designers excellent creative opportunities.


Why choose our metallized papers?

  • Consistent quality
  • Comprehensive range of products
  • Excellent printing and processing properties
  • High bottle throughput
  • High speed labeling
  • Fast-drying ink
  • Correct register
  • Excellent lay-flat properties
  • Excellent ink retention in caustic soda
  • High moisture resistance
  • Precise cut and die cutting
  • Fast wash-off times

Manufactured as per the industrial guidelines, using raw materials of the highest grade, this Transfer Metallized Paper is highly praised in the market for its long life and smooth surface. Known for its ability to retain ink and lying flat, it is widely used as a wrapping paper and for the purpose of packaging. In addition, this product is offered to the clients at a very reasonable price and in several specifications.


  • Long life
  • Smooth surface
  • Retains ink
  • Lays flat



40 GSM - 90 GSM


Board / Matt / Silver / Gold




DMP High Wet Strength

Beer Label Printing

TMP Cast Coated

Liquor Labels

DMP/TMP Chromo

Labels, Decorative & Gift Wrapping

TMP MG Posters

Decorative & Gift Wrapping

TMP Holographic Chromo/MG Poster

Decorative & Gift Wrapping


Cigarette Wrap for Bundling

Valvac transfermetallized label paper contains wet-strength qualities

A case study by Amsterdam Metallized ProductsSparkling, rose and white wines,beers and other drinks in bottles are often cooled in ice buckets. It is important for drinks to stay cool, but also important is that the labels stay on the bottles if they get wetand do not soak, as the brand owners want to maintain the brand-perception also after the bottles have been cooled.

What istransfer metallized paper?

Transfer metallized paper is applied with athin layer of evaporated aluminium. The metallized paper isused as base material for packaging, labels, promotions and publications. The layer of aluminium will provide a bright metallic andhigh gloss mirror-like effect. This will offer a luxury, high quality appearance and will make sure that the packaging, labels, promotions and publications will stand outon the shelf.

With transfer metallizing a thin layer of aluminium is added to a chosen substrate, mainly paper, board or film. The metallized substrates are used as base material for packaging, labels, promotions and publications. The layer of aluminium will provide a bright metallic and high gloss effect. This will offer a luxury, high quality appearance and will make sure that the products will stand out on the shelf. Transfer metallized materials, brand name Valvac, are available in three different designs: (1) silver, (2) gold and (3) holographic design patterns for an extra glitter effect.

Why are transfer metallized materials used?

Take a look around in the world of tobacco, cosmetics, beverages, and personal are products. Packaging is becoming more and more attractive. Packaging and labels for products and covers for magazines are the distinguishing communication media. With transfer metallized packages, labels and publications companies can make the difference. It evokes images of bright metallic silver and glittering gold. It adds value, literally makes products shine and stand out on the shelf. This results in increased sales, growing market shares and higher profits.
Same qualities as wet strength paper label


Companies often choose for expensive wet strength label paperlabels to solve the problem cause by the famous ice-bucket, but AMPtest have shown that also Valvac-transfer metallized labels will stay on the bottles in proper shape after being

in theice – waterfor over 24 hours. Our transfer metallized 74g/m2 Crown Label

paper was usedin this testand proved to have similarqualities as wet strength label paper.

Therefore we have proven thatthe thin layer of metal not only adds a luxury

appeal to the paper, but it will also increase the strength and resistance to

water and will make sure that the label will stay on the bottle after being in water.